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Introduction to Online Marketing

We at believe in providing our Reputed Clients an Affordable, Reliable, Hassle free, Solution driven, Customer & Profit oriented and Best Priced “Online Marketing Solutions” without compromising Industry Standards.

We believe, we can minimize the gap between Internet Technology Solutions and Common Businessmen Marketing Strategies. We have a vision of providing “Online Marketing Solutions” within a reach of average earning Business Personnel.

We have an idea that in India, consultants charge in a very irrational way for providing online marketing solutions. So there has been a kind of social stigma towards this much hyped term of  “Online Marketing Solutions”. We are about to change this basic notion among masses. We are going to revolutionize “Small and Medium Level Business holdings” with the power of next generation technology i.e. INTERNET, within an affordable priced service packages, which will entirely change their way of working and business concepts.

We also believe that there is huge potential for providing world class online marketing solutions to our Medium Level Business Holdings. We at will assist our clients in breaking that “Glass Ceiling”, so that they can directly reach to their prospects in a most effective, affordable, fast, limitless yet reliable way and may become the major player in a market economy on a global platform.

What we are trying to explain here is, gone are the days when such hyped terms like “Website, Online Marketing, Web space etc.” were proprietary of Big……..

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India's First Digital Store for Purchasing Online Marketing Services

So you are familiar with all online marketing services and want to get best possible prices, Lets take you to our E-Commerce Store where you can get all your digital stuff.


We are Google Partner & AdWords Qualified Professionals

Why would anyone buy a product from some random buyers on internet. No one does right, but what if the vendor is Google Partner and AdWords Qualified.

Google Partner Seal 


Online Marketing

In simple words it defines advertisement / marketing of products or services on internet by paid means. In it, the client can showcase its products and services on the internet via means of various search engines or their display network. At, we try to understand our client’s needs and accordingly we tailor the marketing strategies for its brand and products in an optimum way.

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E-Commerce Web Store

We all have heard a lot about Online Shopping Stores like,, etc. Now one thing that comes to our mind is, is it possible to have a fully functional E-Commerce website / Online Shopping Store at a reasonable cost? We would like to suggest our clients that if they have good market value and want to tap online clients then here is the chance for them.

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Corporate Profile Videos

People tend to have more faith in the things those are tangible. Now with respect to Online Marketing the tangible asset can be your products/ service/ organisation Introductory Video. A Business Video can be termed as a video that depicts all your features and activities in simple yet elegant way so that people can get to know about your organisation/ product in a better way.

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SEO Services

SEO can be best described as a process of optimizing your website for certain keywords which on being searched on search engines shows your website and you will not be charged money every time someone clicks on your website link. This whole process of listing your website on various search engines is called Organic Listing…

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Search Engine Marketing

In simple words it defines advertisement / marketing of products or services on internet by paid means. In it, the client can showcase its products and services on the internet via means of various search engines or their display network. Let’s take a good example of that, suppose a client John opts for Ads Display service…

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Social Media Marketing

Recently Social Media Platforms have emerged as a good platform for showcasing your products/ services/ organisation among actual people. As people are spending so much of time on social media & with availability of good marketing methods, chances are huge that your products can be a hit in few days simply by presenting…

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Real Estate 3D Walkthrough Video

For Real Estate Clients, Sarvotarzan provides the highest quality of “Real Estate 3D Walkthrough Videos” which helps Real Estate clients in following ways. It reduces the Sales Cycle upto 65% and help close sales fast. The video contains a 3D view of the entire project showing its exteriors and interiors…

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Augmented Reality App Development

It is a revolutionary android / iOS app which can help us in closing sales faster because of following reasons. The customers can easily install the app in iPhones / android phones and have a interactive look into the project. Customers can scan the project brochures and interact with the 3D Design…

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Virtual Reality App Development

With the major advancement in science and technology, we are able to tap the potential of virtual reality. As name suggests, it means the real environment is created using 3D / 2D elements inside a hardware controlled graphics device. It is a head mounted device which is wearable and can be easily used for…

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Online Payment Gateway Consultants

Online Payment Gateway Consultants help us in selecting the best payment gateway vendors. Payment Gateway describes the service of taking payments on an E-Commerce enabled website from customer who has purchased an item from website. These Online Payment Gateway Service Providers have links with various banks…

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Android / iOS Apps Development

Android Apps Development / iOS Apps Development has recently become a major boom in online world community because of following reasons: Brand Value of Products/ Service/ Organisation, Easy and Handy Installation, Genuine User Working Environment, Hacking / Cracking Resistant, Arrival of Smart Phones…

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Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consultants help our clients in strengthening their website security standards. The term online security / cyber security may be segregated into following parts: Integration of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates & Site Seals, Security from Hackers, Security from Phishing / Trojans / Spammers Attacks…

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Brand Management

In this world of cut throat competition, it’s very necessary to stand out in crowd, so it’s highly advised to create a brand of your products / services / organisation. Brand Creation and Brand Management are now most sought marketing strategies. It’s highly recommended to create a brand value of your product…

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Viral Marketing

As the name suggests, this kind of marketing is very viral in nature and by viral we mean highly widespread and proactive. It is mainly done for following reasons; Much audience to cover in a very short time span, When few days are remaining to launch a product / company..

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Corporate Gifts & Goodies

The first question that may arise in your head is; Seriously, how did Sarvotarzan, an online marketing company end up here, managing corporate goodies and all. So the answer to this concern lies here. As many of our clients usually have seminars and other casual events…

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Industrial Tie Ups

OOur team is a perfect blend of Marketing, Technology and Creativity, i.e. our team comprises of experts who have vast experience in Marketing, Software & Application Development, Database Management, Web Based Solutions, Graphics and VFX Designing. Together we are putting our best efforts in deriving the best possible solutions for our clients.

We have a dream of availing world class experience of online services to our clients as easy as a pizza delivery ……………. or even much more easy than that. Usually the notion among masses is that the people who know about Computers & Internet, only they can enjoy the privileges of Online Marketing, we are about to set this aback. We are going to revolutionize this myth.

We are about to mix prime fundamentals of marketing in a simple yet elegant way of online presence.

The basic principles on which Team at Sarvotarzan focuses are as follows:

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Integrity

  • Solution driven Products & Services

  • Time Bounded

  • Best Priced Products/ Services without compromising High End Quality

So consider us as a knowledge partners instead of consultants and we assure you that we are not the one who just babble complex technical words, we actually put them in our quality work.

As Team@ is constantly making numerous efforts in providing “Best in class as per industry standards Online Marketing Products/ Services” to our reputed clients, we request our clients to give their valuable suggestions, feedback and comments. BEACAUSE IT’S OUR CLIENTS WHO KEEP US MOVING, KEEP US INSPIRING, NOBODY ELSE. We are hoping to have a successful association with you. Thank you!!

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Our Mission:

Weare here to assist our clients in strategic placement of their business/ vision in a dynamically evolving online market.

Our Vision:

Wehave vision of positioning ourselves as one of the “Best Online Marketing Consulting Firm” in next 5 years.

WeWell…… We would ask the same question if we were you and we will answer this simple question in a very simple way without using any technical or marketing jargon. Let’s keep this Big & Fancy Word of “Online Marketing” aside and stick to the basic concepts of marketing and product selling.

What’s the basic aim of your business?

Lets see hmm………  Earning profit so that you can have your bread and butter and gain a respectable position in the society.

Are we right?

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