Introduction of Augmented Reality App Development in Real Estate Sector for Interactive 3D Walkthrough of Real Estate Projects


It is a revolutionary android / iOS app which can help us in closing sales faster because of following reasons:

  1. The customers can easily install the app in iPhones / android phones and have a interactive look into the project.
  2. Customers can scan the project brochures and interact with the 3D Design of the project.
  3. Every Nook and Corner of the Project can be viewed in a interactive manner with zoom in and zoom out features.
  4. It is highly interactive with respect to normal 3D Walkthrough video.
  5. It helps in generating faith in customer as it is a very high quality product which easily distinguishes us from other Real Estate Developers.
  6. It allows client to take 3-D Interactive virtual tour of whole of the project.
  7. In most of the cases where female members and children are not able to visit the project site, this app can help them in having a virtual look at their Home internally and externally.
  8. Already some real estate players like, Paarth Infrabuild, Omaxe have developed their augmented reality apps for their projects.
  9. It helps in creation of brand value of company and keeping us ahead in Real Estate Sector.

So without any further delay, we can move with the development of the app as it will take 1.5 – 2.0 months to develop it from scratch.

Kindly download our demo app from Google Playstore: