Quick Tips for Engaging Audience on Facebook Business Page

These are the quick tips on how you can become Marketing Superstar on Facebook:

  1. Don’t create a personal profile for your business
  2. Avoid publishing mishaps with Page roles
  3. Add a recognizable profile picture
  4. Choose an engaging cover photo / video
  5. Add a call-to-action (CTA) button
  6. Fill out your ‘About’ section with basic information, and add company milestones
  7. Post photos and videos to your Timeline
  8. Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts
  9. Leverage Facebook’s targeting tools
  10. Pin important posts to the top of your page
  11. Decide whether you want Facebook fans to message you privately
  12. Monitor and respond to comments on your page
  13. Promote your page to generate more followers
  14. Finally, measure the success of your Facebook efforts
  15. In case of any confusion / problem, its always best to call Sarvotarzan 🙂

Sarvotarzan believes that its best if we can provide short, concise and to the point information to its clients and hence tries to provide short blog posts for its clients marketing teams.