12 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Channels Today

So how can you make the most out of your social media channels and find the zen zone?

Here are 12 ways.

1. Personas, Please

Try tools such as Xtensio to create personas, Typeform to collect info, and Hotjar to create surveys.

2. Measurable Objectives

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” is a famous quote by Peter Drucker.

3. Blend Paid, Owned & Earned

Sure social ads can bring immediate gratification.

Add in the investment of things like quality blog content and gaining media exposure, and you’re on your way to the zen zone.

Pay it forward using social ads.

4. Adjust Frequently & Fail Fast

Why stay in a broken relationship?

If you see something is not working in social, make an adjustment and move on.

5. Create an Editorial Calendar

This can start in a Google Calendar, Excel, or Google Doc – and even platforms such as Asana.

6. Tap into Video or Fail

New tool features (like Instant Image Resizer by Promo and Lumen5 square and vertical video creator) can make your life easier.

7. Write to Your Audience like You Mean It

Generic content with a specific audience in mind does not work.

Find their pain points and help them solve problems with purposeful content.

8. Creativity Is the New Productivity

Use tools to help be creative and efficiently such as Hemingway, Grammarly, and AnswerThePublic.

9. Publish in New Horizons

Medium, LinkedIn long-form posts, Facebook Live, and guest post articles will help you reach new audiences, gain more referring traffic, and possibly boost your SEO.

10. Optimize Your Way to the Top of Search & Social

It’s the law of attraction.

If you want to receive more organic exposure, you need to focus on organic traffic generators such as keywords, links, and visuals.

Remember each social network is its own search engine.

Keep those SEO best practices for social media, too.

11. Delight Customers & Be There

Word of mouth is your marketing karma in 2019.

If what goes around comes around is true, paying attention to your community holds the key to success.

12. Be First to the Next Big Thing

Pay attention to new channels popping up like Facebook Spaces and AltSpaceVr and start building community early.

When it comes to finding the zen zones of social media it all boils down to being present, timing, focus, and staying connected to what matters most to your business objectives.

Author: Lisa Buyer

Original Article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/finding-social-media-zen/282631/