E-Commerce Website Development is totally possible now a days and anyone can have a fully functional E-Commerce Website.

We all have heard a lot about Online Shopping Stores like Snapdeal.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon.com etc. Now one thing that comes to our mind is, is it possible to have a fully functional E-Commerce website / Online Shopping Store at a reasonable cost? And by fully functional E-Commerce website we mean following basic features:

  • User Friendly Webpage Layout

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

  • Login / Sign Up Functions

  • User Account Management System

  • Integrated Payment Gateway System

  • Integrated Logistics Module

So we would like to suggest our clients that if they have good market value and want to tap online clients then here is the chance for them. Developing a fully functional E-commerce website has become much easier now. So here could be few more reasons to go online:

  • Saturation of Local Client Base

  • Huge rise in Online Purchasing Behavior of Clients

  • Less time availability with the consumers to reach Physical Market

  • Highly secure payment options.

  • Increase in time spent over internet

Now the main problem that haunts clients is the costing of an E-Commerce websites. So we will definitely help our clients on that. Let’s have a detail of that:

  • First thing we would like to suggest our clients is to have a consultant, as it may help you in translating your thoughts into developer’s ways. By consultant we mean the person that can understand your laymen language and can help you in development of website by bridging the gap between you and developer. You can choose the consultant and the developer from same organisation or they may be separate entities working on your behalf.

  • The price of E-Commerce website will definitely be more than a normal website so if a developer says that it is very cheap and can be created in Rs 2000 or Rs 5000. There could be something fishy in that, so beware of such kind of scams.

  • Ask for above mentioned basic elements integration in the website.

  • Opting for freelancers is a good option only if you are a technical person and understand World Wide Web in an efficient way, else it may run loss to you.

  • Look out for some good quality royalty free images for site content.

  • Try to take good photos of your products or hire some photographer for doing so.

  • Describe all your services / products in detail.

  • Place only final price on website including all charges & taxes as Payment Gateway vendors will only consider that amount for computation.

  • Select Payment Gateway Vendors, SSL Consultants accordingly.

  • Website Developers must be selected carefully after several discussions who can understand your thoughts and can develop accordingly.

The next Gen Web development technology is well equipped with new features, so you can look out for:

  • Flat Look Website

  • Better Element Transitions

  • Parallax Effect Based Web Pages and so on.

So we can say that it’s very beneficial to have a website, but if you really want to explore online potential of internet, then opt for online selling of products and expand your base.

At Sarvotarzan.org, we can provide fully functional E-Commerce website in a reasonable price so that an average businessman of India can be benefited.

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