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Make way for Gmail’s New Materialistic Design Change & an Amazing Feature Gmail “Confidential Mode”

Come on fellas, we all love Gmail for its native design and great security features in times when we heard so much about password leak of Yahoo servers & other mail services. But, somehow, we were bit reluctant regarding the ultra-basic design of Gmail interface. So, the good news is, Google has upgraded the materialistic design of Gmail interface. You may be uncomfortable at first time but soon you will start liking it. We have not tested it against the major Gmail plugins, you might be using so they might crash for the time being but they will too upgrade it soon. The design has been rolling out since April 2018 in batches so if you have not got it yet, just wait for a while, it will be available to you soon.

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Apart from its contemporary design change, the most interesting and amazing feature that has been long due in terms of security has also been added, “Confidentiality Mode”. This mode gives following powers to sender & recipient.

  1. Recipient can’t forward, download, copy/paste, print the email.
  2. Sender has the ability to send the Gmail Auto generated SMS passcode to Gmail Users on customized contact number & Email Passcode to Other Email Users.
  3. The sender can also set the expiration date for the email for its self-destruction.
  4. So, in all, the power lies in the hands of senders & recipient both.

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When you will compose the mail while turning on the confidentiality mode, the mail compose screen will look like this providing the notification of confidentiality mode being turned on:

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After that, when you will select the option of sending the passcode to the recipient mail, you can even fill the customized contact number which you think is the genuine one and the recipient has access to this contact number.

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The view of sender’s sent mail is as given below:

Now let’s have a look in recipient’s mail inbox after opening the confidential mail:

After clicking “view the mail” option, the following screen will be opened asking for sending the passcode on required contact number. The recipient will be able to see only the last two digits of the mobile number so it is important that recipient must have the details of its mobile number/contact number. So, the recipient can click on “send passcode” for generating the SMS passcode.

Once, you will click on send the passcode, the auto-generated password will be sent to the contact number given by the sender.

You can fill the passcode and the email will be visible to you.

Hope this article helps in understanding the new feature, Gmail Confidentiality Mode.

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