May 11, 2018 Sarvotarzan

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing (Q&A)

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  • What has been the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing strategy to-date?
  1. It has analyzed the Data of Marketing factors like clicks, impressions, CTR for effective market intelligence.
  2. It has integrated Better search capabilities in the search bar of the e-commerce website.
  3. Its Recommendation engine can suggest next products buy according to the users current searches.
  4. It can also be used for bidding of ads for effective conversion cost.
  5. It is also helping in Speech-Text Recognition for multiple languages. So in nearby future, we may integrate voice search capabilities.
  6. It is also helping in authenticating genuine users against chargebacks and other transactional frauds.
  7. It has also helped in the setting up the Web Page Layout by showing the Heat Maps.
  • What do you plan to experiment with in relation to AI in marketing over the next 12 months?

We are planning to integrate a better search engine and recommendation engine in our digital service marketplace, so that users may effectively search the required products. We will also soon integrate the AI-powered BOT on the website as well as on Facebook Page for better user engagement.

  • What has been the biggest benefit and the biggest challenge of integrating AI into your marketing strategy?

The biggest benefit is enhanced user-website interactive environment which will ultimately lead to more sales and more user satisfaction. Example: On some sites, we don’t find the product if the search query does not contain the exact word in the product name while due to good AI capabilities, on some websites, the search engine can fetch the product even if the search query is in the product description. Also, the speed of search is also a decisive factor. AI-powered searches are much faster than normal search functions. The biggest challenge that most of the marketing guys face that it is very costly as well as it requires a bit of technical knowledge which usually Marketing guys lack. It has to be a turnkey / black box kind of product.

  • Has your understanding of who your customers are improved with the use of AI?

Yes, there has been a drastic increase in understanding the kind of products needed by users on our e-commerce platform. It helps in understanding the user searches and accordingly, we can add new products to the inventory. Example: Recently we have found many searches related to explainer video development services then we added the product and it has been hugely liked by the customers.

  • Has your customer experience (in-store or online) improved with the use of AI? If so, please give an example.

Yes, definitely, the customer experience increases to a great extent because now they can find all related products easily which have their search term. It takes less time and creates a cache of related search queries which ultimately helps in more user engagement. You can just imagine that what may happen if the search function itself takes 1 minute for searching your product. Would you stay that long on the website? Obviously not. So we can say that it enhances the user satisfaction and ultimately increases user engagement.

  • Which AI platforms or technologies are you working with that you have found useful?

We have integrated a better AJAX based search engine function on our e-commerce portal which triggers just by taking the first three characters.

  • What impact do you believe AI will have on marketing in your industry over the next few years?

There will be a huge impact of AI in following ways:

  1. There will be better Data Intelligence which will enhance the marketing capabilities.
  2. The will be better Ad CPC by optimizing the click rates and other factors like Bot Clicks, Spam clicks.
  3. A better understanding of the user’s actual requirements based on their online behavior and not on their written description.
  4. Better Live / Auto Ads Creation as per the demand of user’s product requirements.
  5. Also, there should be enough security measures for hiding the identities of users against any possible AI breaches.
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