Online Payment Gateway Consultants help us in selecting the best payment gateway vendors.

Payment Gateway describes the service of taking payments on an E-Commerce enabled website from customer who has purchased an item from website. These Online Payment Gateway Service Providers have links with various banks and other institutions, which upon taking their commission/ transaction charges deposits the remaining amount in your bank account. Following are some of the Payment Gateway Vendors in India:

  • EBS By Ingenico
  • PayU India

  • CC Avenue

  • Citrus

  • PayPal

  • Payzippy

  • And Many More….

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Here you can also purchase services related to payment gateway services. However you must look out for following points while incorporating Payment Gateways on your E-Commerce Website:

  • Look out for Best Package Deals of vendors

  • Discuss with your developer and vendor regarding the integration part of payment module. An efficient developer will be able to sort out the integration issues with vendor team.

  • Have a meeting with Payment Gateways Vendors as soon as your website development starts.

  • Ask for Yearly Charges, Maintenance Charges, Strike Rate for successful transaction and their Commission on every transaction.

  • Have a complete discussion with vendors and try to minimize the doubts and if those persists even after meeting, don’t worry, just call us and we will sort out every concern.

  • Some Vendors provide Payment Gateway only for Physical Goods so please ask them first.
  • Ask them about the number of Banks they have collaborated with, as more the number of banks they for payment gateway the lesser the chance of failure of payments.
  • Ask for Payment Terms and conditions such as, after how many days they will transfer the amount in your account. Usually it is Transaction Date + 2 Days. 
  • Its Always best to cross check the payment gateway vendor reputation by other vendors.
  • Usually all the vendors will ask for a legal paperwork so you have to be ready with all the required legal documents. 
  • Also All the vendors will have a legal contract with your Firm / Company / Individual for 1 Year or 2 year or their required time so make sure that you read all the terms and conditions in the legal documents. As once the papers have been legally signed you cant do much about them. 
  • If still you are not sure about the payment services, please take the consulting services of 
  • Remember the Online Payment Gateway is the most important part of any E-Commerce website so you have to invest ample amount of time in selecting the best one. 

Also it may be a hectic procedure for a non-technical guy to get all the things done and so you may need a consultant for procuring all such processes.

At, we work as a consultant for providing a helping hand to you by bridging the gap between you, your web developer and payment gateway vendor.

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