In simple words it defines advertisement / marketing of products or services on internet by paid means. In it, the client can showcase its products and services on the internet via means of various search engines or their display network.
Let’s take a good example of that, suppose a client John opts for Ads Display service on Google for its wooden furniture products so whenever any person searches for wooden furniture on Google, Google displays wooden furniture products as supplied by John under Ads Category.

It is highly effective for new businesses for getting visibility among online users. When people will see your ads on internet via computer, mobile, tablets and if they like your content, they can click on the ads and can get to know more about your products.

Now this is really a great resource to create brand name and sell your products online, but you should seriously look out for following guidelines before investing in it:

  • Create a complete list of products or services, which you want to showcase / market.

  • If you are good in handling computer and related services than you can directly search for SEM on Google. If not then we would suggest you to have reliable consultant for account management.

  • Ask for details of services to be provided, type of ads, campaign running logs.

  • Ask for Per Day Budget to be spent on Ads.

  • Ask for approximate value of hits/ user visits for certain amount of money investment per day.

  • Also if you think that your product / service is of such nature that it can be best described by means of video then you should consider running of video ads on You Tube and other online video streaming websites.

In the end we would like to say that SEM or Search Engine Marketing requires routine / daily campaign and account management services else it may cause you severe losses without any real revenue.

At, we try to understand our client’s needs and accordingly we tailor the marketing strategies for its brand and products in an optimum way.

So in the end, we can call SEM, a good option for marketing of New Businesses and for brand creation among masses.
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