Ok, Ok, now we are sure, that you are pretty serious about Web Hosting / Website Development for your business else you would have just bounced from our very first page of introduction. So without any further delay, let’s hit it !
As we have already said that online marketing is next gen buzz word which will change the entire concept of Marketing.But How?

  • What would be the responsible technologies for that?

  • Do you have to learn all those complex programming / coding?

  • How can you have maximum benefit with least possible investment & efforts?

  • Is whole of this concept of Online Marketing / Website Etc. be any good for you?

  • Is my money worth in investing this “Website” Thing?

  • What are these terms…..

    “Web Hosting, HTML5, CSS3, Web Presence, CMS, Web Products, Joomla, Hosted Mail Solutions, WordPress, Online Store, Android & IOS App, Ecommerce Store, HTTP, SSL, Drupal, Linux Servers, VPS Hosting etc.”,…….that all the Computer Geniuses / Marketing Experts/ Software Professionals/ Online Marketing Experts/ Web Developers babble all the time and also make you afraid of by adding numerous illogical charges for “You Don’t Know What?” technologies.

As a matter of fact, all these questions are normal to come in your mind. People are afraid of the things they don’t know, require monetary efforts & require what we call as “Leap of Faith” for decision taking perspectives.

One more thing we would like to mention here is, all these technology terms are somehow related to the development of website. But we are not going to make you afraid by describing all these complex terms to you like other online marketing companies do as that would be irrelevant to you.

But surely we will provide you some mantras to tackle the internet fraud and escaping pit holes.

So, now coming back to queries; in order to have a good website, you can either master all of the above space technology terms which is really time consuming.


You can hire some developers or consultants for getting the things done. Now the present problem with this is, every consultant or developer will try to sell its services on some irrational prices. So in order to be a pro in this field, please follow some of our guidelines:

  • Find the developers which are near to your place or are in your city.

  • Try to get their actual Physical location Or office and try to meet them in person, so that in case of any problem, you should at least be sure about whom to meet and sort out the things.

  • Most of the Freelancers available on internet work on remote basis so they may not give you any physical location. But they can be a good option if they are genuine and can understand your project.

  • Don’t get lured by heavy discounts of freelancers as that may come out as a fraud or scam or may not provide you a quality work.

  • Try to negotiate for After Sales support for a certain period of time.

  • Try to get the rates of the services with as many as developers by discussing about your projects. Most of the time there will not be too much of difference in the rates.

  • Try to get the Facebook or Twitter Profile of the Developer or Developing Company, so that you can get to know about their social presence and reliability.

  • In case of authenticity check concerns, always ask for Developer’s Pan Card’s photo Copy or Developing Company’s Pan Card Copy.

  • Try to have several discussions with the developer or company’s representative, so that you can get to know them well and can trust them.

  • Never forget one simple rule of internet, “Don’t trust strangers on internet without knowing them well & check for prices for the required services from various sources”.

In the end we would like to mention that if you are a nerd than its ok to learn online marketing skills else its best to hire some consultants or developers at reasonable prices and get the things done, while you can focus on your core business areas.

At Sarvotarzan.org, we can help our clients in development of a website according to their needs.
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